Rancho Mirage Community

Gorgeous desert night in Rancho Mirage, California.
Why Everyone Loves Rancho Mirage

One of the many reasons that Rancho Mirage, CA attracts a variety of people to live in it is that it has always been known to offer a high standard of living. The weather is excellent, with the area only averaging about four inches of rainfall a year, and the warm climate in the wintertime attracts thousands of part-time residents who flock to this refuge from late fall to early spring. Though it is a rather small city compared with some other California cities, Rancho Mirage offers residents and visitors easy access to California’s major highways and cities like Los Angeles and Phoenix.

The Rancho Mirage schools are mainly public, but there are some private schools in the area, as well. Before moving to the city, one would obviously want to look at the area’s schools to determine how well their children would fit in. The school system of Rancho Mirage is large and diverse, and it offers many opportunities for students.

Many Rancho Mirage jobs center on the tourism industry, since there are tons of resort-style hotels and golf clubs in the area. However, some who live in the city have business jobs, government jobs, or jobs that allow them to live wherever they want. Who wouldn’t want to live in this town if given the chance, anyway? Also, Los Angeles and San Diego are close enough that some workers in the city commute to those cities during the work week.

The Rancho Mirage community is diverse, but it does have a large percentage of retirees and part-time residents. Because of this, the community is significantly less busy during the summer months, when part-time residents and tourists are visiting elsewhere. The community is beautiful and friendly, and the government has many public programs for people of all ages.


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