Don't Worry, Be Happy...Here's How

A lot of people spend a lot of time figuring out what it’s going to take to make us all happy at work.


Google has developed an app to help bring cheer to the office. It’s called the levity algorithm and was created with help from comedians. It’s supposed to help you send cheerful emails, make your meetings more fun, deliver exciting presentations and otherwise make everyone around you smile more often.


I haven’t tried it. I assume it’s for real.


I see reports all the time reporting on what occupations tend to make for happy workers. A Career Bliss index, for example, did a survey over 65,000 working professionals who rated their jobs based on company culture, pay, daily work, future and how they get along with the boss. Real estate agents, they found, have the happiest jobs in the country, which makes me wonder how many of them were in Arizona.


It also made me wonder why there is an organization out there called Career Bliss in the first place. I assume it’s for real.


Then I also just read a story about a company’s executive team, which included a Chief Happiness Officer.


OK enough already. Nobody’s happier than me! Why? Because I keep a few things in mind. Here’s a list:


--Smile. I mean at everyone you greet. Most will return it. I am amazed at how many times I walk into a business where nobody has a smile on display. Best way to stay happy in that case, turn around and walk right out.


--Be a good actor. Even if you are having a challenging day, don’t let anyone know it. It’s more than the words you use. It’s your body language too. Arms folded, toes tapping, eyes rolling. You won’t win an Oscar, or inspire those around you that way.


--Show up early. To whatever it is you are showing for. Just a couple minutes. Get your bearings, take a deep breath, pause a minute to de-stress. No one running around late to everything with their hair on fire ever has a chance to even think about whether they’re happy, not to mention what effect they’re having on those around them.


--Have pride in your work and celebrate when something goes right. You don’t have to throw a party or take a day off to acknowledge – even to just yourself – when a job is well done – by you or your team.


You don’t have to whistle while you work, but it’s not all that hard to find more happiness on your job as long as you give it a little effort.