Secure Technology with FTP Hosting

Today FTP (File Transfer Protocol) hosting services facilitate the fastest possible data transfer of huge, bulky files. It does this with high security and access to multiple, and even anonymous accounts.

Many users can transfer big files on the run, which can work well for the very busy developers and graphics designers and others in need of safe, fast security for any business day.

The Right FTP Provider Will Tailor Your Services

Finding the right FTP host makes a big difference for companies that do web design, graphic design or businesses that transfer bulky, secure files regularly. 

Tailoring services to fit your business is also offered as user-specific options with most FTP hosting services. If you need to be able to upload files into your website, you need FTP. 

Directories are also available that give limited and private access to clients as well. Those who need to port files to clients such as freelance and website developers as well as midsized businesses also require dedicated FTP.

Easy To Use, Cost Effective Even Without Experience

Uploading big files into the web-server has never been easier. Dedicated web hosts provide large bandwidth and transfer limits for almost any file type every month which is not so available with shared hosting services. Unlimited file sizes can be transferred anytime of the day or night.

There are no upfront costs to extra bandwidth using unlimited FTP. Any digital data can be transferred including movies, multimedia presentations, high end art graphics files or any other digital content.

Speed is everything with big data file transfers, and everyone knows it can't be done by email. Speed is effective and satisfying, which FTP providers know is a very important fact, should only take a few minutes, and the more effortless it is, the better.

Encryption And Advanced Use Security Technology

FTP hosting services are in and of themselves a secured program, yet some hosting companies offer advanced security options that involve encrypting the data transferred. They will then keep it safe from intruders, and prevent them from gaining access to any confidential files.

It is also possible to have multiple FTP accounts for many users, Different privilege access levels can be set for each one. This means customers can login and view progress, while the developer continues the work undisturbed.

Custom access levels are individually defined and give limited access to customers for checking in on the files. It's also possible to do by setting access levels for each individual user. This guarantees your customer can check project progress, but can’t make any changes to the document.

FTP hosting services are not for every online user-- until it's time for regular big digital file transfers.


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