The Benefits of a Maxstim 2000 Tens Unit

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is a form of electrotherapy that allows patients to experience healing and pain relieving benefits through electric pulses. The electric pulses are delivered by small electrodes that are placed on a patient’s skin. These electrodes are attached to a TENS unit like the Maxstim 2000 which can be used to deliver TENS therapy to patients. This type of therapy can be complementary to the physical therapy that a patient may already be participating in. Since the use of a TENS machine can provide healing benefits it is important that health care providers choose one that is easy to use and reliable so that their patients can receive the most benefits. 

The Maxstim 2000 is a professional machine that can only be purchased by a qualified healthcare provider. Because it is such a powerful machine, there are many benefits that are not found in lower quality machines. The Maxstim 2000 has a variety of adjustable settings such as adjustable pulse rate and amplitude that directly affect the amount of pain relief felt by a patient.

The machine also features a range of timers and a protective cover that can stop any accidental setting changes. The machine weighs only 4.3 ounces, which makes it small enough to easily store while it is not in use. Additionally, the machine has a long battery life at approximately 30 hours, which means that users will not need to worry about changing batteries often. LCD monitoring also makes the machine very easy to read.

Patients who are unfamiliar with the use of electrotherapy will be interested in learning about the Maxstim 2000 and how it can help to relieve their chronic or intermittent pain. Electrotherapy has been used to great effect for many years within the medical community. It is important to discuss electrotherapy with your patients so that they can be aware of new choices available that can help heal their injuries. If they have never before heard of electrotherapy, it could be just the thing to bring the healing and pain relieving benefits that they have been waiting for.

The Maxstim 2000 is a popular machine among health care professionals and their patients. Whether you have used electrotherapy TENS machines before or you are interested in adding the therapy to your menu of services the Maxstim 2000 can provide the professional ease of use that will help you to seamlessly integrate the therapy into your practice.

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