The How's and Why's of Investing in Gold

Why are so many people today investing in gold instead of the stock market?

Gold investments have always performed well in their own right, and often outperformed other investment sectors. Gold bullion and coins are both solid investing options, so which one is right for you? U.S. Money Reserve provides information and assistance to help you make choices about investing in gold, as well as silver and platinum, that suit your circumstances and interests.

Gold, silver, and platinum are increasingly becoming the financial security of choice for wary investors who are concerned about the troubled state of the global economy. Paper currency is losing its value; in fact, at least one country has gone paperless with its monetary currency, and more nations are sure to follow. Coinage is likely to take the same path as the world comes to rely more and more on electronic financial trade and proven assets with long-range track records.

But even the Internet is fallible, and savvy investors look to gold, silver, and platinum as the most secure long-term assets available today. With all the growing hot spots of political unrest and economic turmoil on the global map, gold provides the peace of mind sought by anyone with funds to invest.

Historically, the U.S. dollar and gold have moved in counter directions. When the dollar is high, gold goes low, and vice versa. When gold reached $1,900 per ounce in 2011, the U.S. dollar had weakened to one of its lowest levels. With the dollar predicted to weaken further in the near future, it is likely that gold will continue to escalate in value, with some experts predicting it could reach a value of $5,000 per ounce in the foreseeable future. Some economic analysts believe that inflation is on the horizon, and gold has always been valued as an inflation hedge.

Recent bank failures have increased people's fears and distrust, and more investors are putting their funds into gold securities. Concerns about Europe's bailouts feed doubts in the U.S. about the valuation of the dollar and the safest investment alternatives. Growing tensions around the world, especially in North Korea and the Middle East, have spurred gold sales as investors scramble to secure assets that can withstand economic hardship and perhaps even financial collapse. All countries and cultures appreciate gold's clear-cut value, which is why it continues to stand the test of time. Before paper money or sales agreements ever existed, there was gold. If the Internet should collapse someday, there will be gold. Gold as a security transcends all ages, classes, and nations as an instrument of economic value and universal trade.

A recovering housing market, high unemployment rate, and huge national debt all point to the need for a dependable financial asset that won't disappear in a banking crisis or foreign war. Gold has been around since the beginning of civilization. Its value continues to be recognized and utilized throughout history into the present.

The U.S. Money Reserve can explain the US gold mint, how coins are graded, and the differences between bullion, proof, and mint-state gold. A member of the American Numismatic Association, U.S. Money Reserve will answer your questions and help you decide if gold is a good fit for your investment portfolio. Learn more about the role of precious metals in the national and international economies. Find out how to value, buy, store, and use your gold assets. Although the world is rapidly changing, some things remain the same. One of the most important of these is gold, a financial asset that never goes out of style or loses its value.


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