What Can't You Do With Smart Phones Today? Anything?

It used to be that cell phones were just another necessary expense for the average household. Today, with smartphones and the ever evolving technology, savvy shoppers are actually able to save enough money the phones may actually pay for themselves. How you may ask? The answer is simple. Here are five easy ways to use your current smartphone to save tons of money.

1. Finding cheaper gas. No one enjoys putting $50 in the tank every week. With GasBuddy, you can find the cheapest prices on fuel in your area without going out of your way. Users enter the prices at gas stations across the country. Most prices get updated several times each day. You simply download the app and search the area you're in. It's that simple. Best of all, the site holds a weekly drawing for $250 worth of gas cards.

2. Always have your online coupon. Coupons are the equivalent of free money. Unfortunately, they can be easily forgotten. That's where coupon apps come in handy. You can download your online coupon right to your phone and never have to worry about leaving your savings behind.

3. Find free ATMs. It's never cost so much to get your money out of the bank as it does today. Many ATMs are charging $3 or more for each use. That doesn't include any fees your financial institution may tack on. Download the app for your bank or credit union. They will provide you with a quick link to ATMs near you.

4. Comparison shopping. Gone are the days when you had to sit around with the sales paper from the Sunday paper and compare prices on the items you want. Today, you can download tools and compare prices not only with different stores, but you can check the brick and mortar prices against the retailer's online price. Many stores will honor the lower of the two prices if you alert them to the price difference at the time of purchase.

5. Track your spending. Late fees will destroy the best laid financial plan. Budgeting and cash flow monitoring apps allow you to maintain up to the date records of where your money is going and how much money you need in order to make ends meet. You can set up reminders for upcoming bills which help ensure that you'll avoid unnecessary late fees. Furthermore, you'll be able to accurately account for your spending so that you'll never run the risk of a bounced check from overspending.

Smartphones are wonderful tools that anyone can use to make their lives simpler and save money. Whether it's finding an online coupon, comparing the latest prices for a TV, or getting the best price on gas, smartphones allow the user to work with the world of financial management like never before. As such, we are now smarter than ever.

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