What is Content Marketing?

You’ve probably heard “Content is King” many times. You’ve probably even heard that Internet search engines like Google constantly changing their algorithms to rank sites based on relevance and quality of content. Whether you own a business with a website or not, marketing content is definitely changing the way you market to customers.

Content Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing
A broad definition of content marketing is the way a business effectively communicates with new and existing customers. This isn’t about creating background noise like traditional marketing. Traditional marketing involves television commercials, print advertisements and radio spots. Thus, many customers are becoming too familiar with traditional marketing and tuning it out. With content marketing your business is offering something of value for free—information—in hopes of gaining and keeping customers.

However, content involves the creating and publishing the following: 

  • Case studies
  • Blog posts
  • Articles
  • How-to
  • White papers
  • Photographs
  • Videos
  • Web commercials
  • Industry news
  • E-books
  • Tutorials

 The purpose of marketing content is to generate leads and improve the visibility of your product or company. In other words, you are using your expertise in your field to grab potential customers’ interests. Once you have their attention, they may notice how great your product or service is.

No Selling with Marketing Content
Marketing content does not involve any selling. For instance, you own a laundry detergent product. With traditional marketing you’d talk about how great your product is and how customers need to buy it.

With content marketing, you would write a how-to on washing laundry to remove old stains. However, you don’t include a sales pitch about your product in the article. You can include where the information comes from such as “This how-to is brought to you my XYZ Laundry Detergent.”


A good place for reference is to check out a free guide for What is Content Marketing?”

Building Trust
Another goal of content marketing involves building trust between you and your customers. Constantly talking at customers makes them ignore what you’re trying to say. When it comes times to buy your product or service, they won’t remember the great things your product offers.

However, when you engage your customers and keep them engaged, you create a two-way dialogue with them. For instance, you can use social media to post content marketing information and ask for customers for feedback. Your potential and existing customers slowly start trusting you and considering your business as a valuable industry resource.

All Content Marketing is not Quality Content
Keyword stuffing, where you use a certain word in your article an excessive amount of times, its good content. In fact, search engines often rank articles and sites with keyword stuffed information extremely low. For instance, a 400-word article using the word “computer” 50 times won’t net a high ranking.
Quality marketing content must offer customers something of value without stuffing it with keywords. The writing must be engaging and understandable. You have to write for a general audience, not industry insiders.

Remember, content marketing is about creating and sharing valuable information to attract and retain customers. Typically, the information is offered for free. With content marketing you are:

  • Educating
  • Building trust
  • Engaging

These things ultimately lead to higher sales and an improved brand presence.

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