What Should I Know About Matrix?

What We Do

Matrix offers extended protection plans on a variety of electronics and other technical products.  These are similar to the product protection plans or extended warranties you are offered in the retail store when you purchase the product.  Unlike many plans offered by the retailer, we are able to cover all your products under one plan. Other plans require you to purchase extended warranties for each and every product, even if you purchase all the products at one time.  This can get expensive, especially considering the costs of such plans often add to the cost of the product by up to as much as 20% and sometimes even more. Under our plans, we cover many types of repairs normally covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.  The main difference is we cover these repairs beyond the original warranty of 30, 60, 90 days or one year.  Our flat monthly fee for one protection plan makes it easy to protect all of your products. The flexibility of our plan allows you to conveniently add as many products as you’d like and still pay the same low monthly flat rate. The only other additional fee is our low activation fee. This is paid only once at the time you subscribe to the protection plan. As long as you continue to pay the monthly fee, your products will continue to receive the same great coverage for one low price.

Types of Products Covered Under the Plan

Matrix covers a variety of products under its extended warranty plan. All are products that are electronic and technology related. This includes products that are for entertainment purposes, such as television and audio systems, including speakers and MP3 players. We also cover a few household products known to need repair every now and then. In total, our coverage extends to over 1,000 different products, most of which are common items that many people have in their homes. If you have a product or a collection of them, chances are we can cover it under the protection plan. If you have any questions as to whether or not a particular product falls under our coverage, simply reach out to us with a phone call or using the contact information on our website. We will get back with you as soon as possible, letting you know if we can extend our repair services to you.


The amount you save from purchasing our product protection plans can reach into the hundreds and even thousands. The average home has an average of 40 gadgets in it. The costs from investing in these gadgets is usually anywhere from the hundreds to the thousands. At any time, an item could unexpectedly break or malfunction.  The cost to replace such an item is never minor.  It may be even more difficult to find a qualified repairman who can solve the problem.  A small fee every month is nothing compared to the costs of repairs and/or even replacement if something should go wrong with your product. 

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